Monthly Archives: September 2015

The World of Wisdom

Wisdom is our capacity for taking in the experience of life; infusing it with intention and then returning it to the world in service or for the benefit of others… Let’s look at the first part of this sentence…. Capacity is having the space within to fully embrace an experience.  But many of us have limited capacity because our lives are filled with ‘stuff’, e.g. physical (possessions), mental (to-dos) and emotional (attention and energy “hooks”).  Without capacity, it’s difficult to […]

Top Five Things the Arts Teach to Business

Creative Thinking – In the arts, judgement rather than rules prevail – the ability to think on your feet, leverage different perspectives and think ‘outside of the box’ is a requirement. The arts replace “right and wrong” thinking by teaching that there are many ways to see and interpret the world. Problem Solving – The arts teach us that problems can have more than one solution and questions can have more than one answer. They also reveal that complex forms […]

How to Focus Our Attention and Energy for Results

  The results we get are a direct outcome of our focus, e.g. our attention and energy, and there are three realities which can influence our ability to focus effectively: We can only focus on one thing at a time We get more of what we focus on Avoidance doesn’t work Reality #1 – You can only focus on one thing at a time.   Really. Hold up your thumb, look at it and then notice – what happened to everything […]