STAR REVELATIONS is a Supernatural Thriller by Steven Paul Terry

2022 BookFest Multi-Award Winner

FIRST PLACE Crime & Mystery Science Fiction

SECOND PLACE Supernatural Mystery




2022 Global Book Awards

GOLD MEDAL Metaphysical & Visionary Fiction

2022 Readers’ Favorite

 FINALIST Thriller – Conspiracy genre


“Steven Paul Terry definitely knows how to build up the suspense! … Prepare to have your mind blown!” — San Francisco Book Review

“An eventful genre entry set in an impressively complex fictional universe.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A spellbinding story! Star Revelations is a totally unexpected gem of a book.” — NetGalley

“[A] haunting, fantastical tableau” that guarantees readers “will keep turning the pages.”BookLife

“Star Revelations is a fun and exciting work. Its fast and tight plot will keep you engaged and make you wait for the next installment with eagerness.” — Reader’s Favorite

“Star Revelations is insightful, visionary and full of engaging characters. It was quite sobering, revealing and thrilling. I look forward to the next installment.” — NetGalley

Customer Reviews

“Steven Paul Terry’s debut novel is a masterpiece of clever story telling.”
“An original and clever story that kept me turning the pages.”
“A fast-paced thriller ripped from the headlines.”
“It had a powerful message that made me think differently about reality and how to change it.”
“I loved that it had a strong female lead and she took me on a journey full of mystery and intrigue to find the truth.”
“The multiple story arcs of the different characters were very cleverly weaved together and kept it suspenseful.”
“The storyline hooked me and within it were subtle messages about the state of our earth and its people. This novel is a wake up call.”

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“I returned from our future and there is no fear. I am courageous and free…”

In this explosive thriller that resonates with today’s news, we follow Diana Willis, acclaimed journalist and media celebrity, on her quest for truth after a mysterious helicopter crash sends her down a maze of misdirection and murderous intrigue. Surviving the crash, she awakens from a coma to be haunted by recurring dreams that reveal a strange past life and repressed memories from a childhood where she was exploited as a test subject for mind control, remote viewing, and time travel in America’s most secret and sinister projects.

In the struggle to overcome her trauma and find her true identity, she is shepherded by an elusive interdimensional mentor from her other life. Through paranormal messaging, he rekindles Diana’s psychic and telepathic powers, which puts her in the crosshairs of powerful controllers who seek nothing less than world domination through mind control and media manipulation. The clock is ticking in Diana’s desperate race to expose this ruthless plot, learn who she is, and bring a message of faith and freedom from another world, hundreds of earth years in the future.

This is a Trilogy and the complete story is told in 9 parts;

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