Star Revelations Story

“The hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” Joseph Campbell


Is a Supernatural Thriller

by Steven Paul Terry

Book One Coming Summer 2021


A well known investigative journalist is caught up in the “sensationalism” of the media and the way it is used to manipulate. She is pulled into the world’s greatest conspiracy; who is controlling the world, why, and how? It goes way beyond anything you can imagine, including the involvement of the very media establishment she is part of, a powerful media mogul and his empire, an evil financial force, and an even more sinister and dark force behind that. She must wake up, as nothing is as it seems.

A series of haunting messages, mind control, a terrifying trauma, and a relationship with a scandalous but mysterious executive begins it all. There is only one way out. She races against time to uncover and stop those controlling everything; for the freedom and future of this world and others depend on it…

“I returned from our future and there was no more fear. I was courageous, I was free…” Diana Star

This is a Trilogy and the complete story is told in 9 parts;

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